how do you use a mastercard gift card on amazon

Can I add more money to the lowes 10 off coupon code generator 2014 prepaid MasterCard?
If your total bill after adding in the additional 20 (or more) exceeds the amount on the prepaid MasterCard, it will be canadian tire gas gift card declined.
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Add your prepaid gift cards to your PayPal wallet during checkout as you add a new debit or credit card, and choose a prepaid card did anyone win the big lottery last night that has enough balance to cover the total amount to pay.Keep your prepaid MasterCard in case you need to return merchandise.Home managing Your Money by Heather Lacey ; Updated July 27, 2017.Step 1, locate the toll-free phone number on the back of the gift card.When your card expires, the card account will be closed.Can the prepaid MasterCard be replaced if lost or stolen?Unless you register your card in advance, there will be no way an online, mail or telephone order merchant can confirm your identity.Registering your card online when you receive it will assist this process.All restaurants and other service-oriented merchants will factor in an additional 20 (or more) in pre-approval only to cover any tip you may leave on the purchase - you only pay the amount you sign for which could be more or less than this.A MasterCard gift card can be used at many locations, unlike a store-specific gift card that is good at only one location.Can I use my prepaid MasterCard to pay at the pump at fuel stations?The card is ready to use following activation.Tell the cashier that gift card is the form of payment before he swipes the card.At the option of each merchant, the value of your prepaid MasterCard may also be combined with a credit or debit card when you are making a purchase.Back to top, what happens if I need to return something I purchased with my prepaid MasterCard?If there is a balance remaining after the expiration date, you will need to request a replacement prepaid MasterCard and the balance will be transferred at no cost.A prepaid MasterCard gift card is a convenient gift option for the difficult-to-shop-for friend."Gift card" should also be chosen as the payment method for online purchases.If self-swiping the card, press the gift card button.
What is a prepaid MasterCard and how do I use it?

If your purchase is greater than the value of the card, tell the cashier your remaining balance (ensure you have checked it) and that you would like to pay the difference first and then use your card to pay the remaining balance.