Once the gift voucher has been added to your account, it cant be transferred to another account.
Search for the retailer you want to add.Was this article helpful?Enter the gift card number and PIN with the amount.I have been able to add electronic gift cards easily, however, I am having trouble adding the physical card to my phone.Look at the back of the card.Tip- Leave the quantity blank (remove the 1) so there's no limit to how many gift cards can be reserved and leave the price box blank so they can choose the amount.It may ask you to enter the 16 digit code before the order completes.If youre spending less than the value of your gift voucher, the credit will stay on your account for you to spend later, youll need to spend it before the expiry date of the gift voucher.Just click Redeem Voucher.It only scans recognizes credit/debit cards, and does not straddie ferry promo code allow me to enter in the proper information manually.For Android Users: Tap upload from the bottom of the app.2 out of 34 found this helpful.If youre spending more than the value of your gift voucher, youll need to pay the extra using a credit or debit card in the usual way.To add gift cards from other stores, just find their gift card page and add it the same way you add an item.Tap, add To Wallet, this feature will be available on the website soon!Question, where is the 16 digit.I have two physical Apple Store gift cards that I am trying to add to my wallet app.Just enter the 16 digit code into the Gift Card/Voucher section on your asos account and click Add.Click here to go shopping.Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong on my end, or if there is any solution around this issue?
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