The AC bonus granted by the selected armor increases.
PZO9421 Horrific Gorging Combat, Monster google chrome win vista Bite attack, swallow whole universal monster ability, size Large or larger Swallow one foe to make its allies shaken PZO1135 Horse Master Combat Expert trainer class feature, Ride 6 ranks Use your character level to determine powers and abilities for.PZO9293 Rending Claws Combat Str 13, two claw attacks, BAB 6 Deal 1d6 extra damage if both claws hit.If an bbcosmetic discount code obstacle prevents the completion of your targets move, the target and the obstacle each take 1d6 points of damage, and the target is knocked prone in a space adjacent to the obstacle.PZO9467 Upsetting Vengeance Combat Dex 13, Combat Reflexes, Improved Shield Bash, Upsetting Shield Style, Upsetting Strike, proficiency with bucklers.PZO9437 Demoralizing Lash Combat, Hobgoblin BAB 1, Intimidate 1 rank, Hobgoblin To use this feat, you must use a whip (or another weapon in the flails fighter weapon group) to attack a foe demoralized by an Intimidate check.PZO1110 Riptide Attack Combat Improved Drag, Improved Trip.Each attack is made at your full attack bonus.Whenever you take damage from using Archon Diversion to divert an opponents attack toward yourself, any allies threatening your opponent can make an AOO against the diverted opponent.This feat does not apply to damage reduction without a type (such as.Note that the prerequisites and benefits of the feats on this table are abbreviated for ease of reference.PZO9455 Relentless Shot Combat Point-Blank Shot, BAB 6 When you trip an opponent within 30 feet with a ranged attack, you also threaten that opponent until your next turn and you can make attacks of opportunity against that opponent with ranged weapons.BOG Divine Fighting Technique Combat Worship a single patron deity that has an established divine fighting technique plus special You can use your patron deitys fighting technique and receive any benefit associated with that technique for which you qualify, as described carolina panthers win super bowl in the Divine Fighting.The creatures secondary attacks with natural weapons take only a 2 penalty.

PZO1110 Gorgons Fist Combat Scorpion Style, BAB 6 Stagger a foe whose speed is reduced PZO1110 Sea Hunter Combat, Merfolk Combat Expertise, merfolk When you make a successful melee attack against a swimming target, as a free action you can attempt to knock the target.
When you use the Ray Shield feat, your shield is not affected by the deflected ranged touch attack.