Sheet fabric is 55 cotton / 45 polyester.
ChickPeahmmmshe will destroy many.You can read my full review here.A story for the toddler who is not so great at going to bed!This 4-piece bedding set for toddlers includes a top sheet, fitted sheet, comforter and pillowcase.For younger toddlers I think board books are a great option for unsupervised book time.Your toddler will love the vibrant colors in this Minnie's bedding set.Get them to interact with the book (can how to fill a gift bag you point to the horse?).The top sheet has an elastic bottom to prevent slipping.These are the type which has super soft fur, excellent finishings and in more cases than not they make noises.This is a celebration of family life in an Aboriginal community, but is a universal tale.Ivy Loves to Give by Freya Blackwood.Wooden rocking horses are the most traditional looking varieties of this toy.Your child can snuggle up with the Doc and her team, Stuffy, Chilly, Lambie and Hallie, underneath this bedding set made of 100 polyester microfiber.Luxriously soft and comfy pink bedding set for your girls room.This free itunes gift card voucher is all part of learning to read and use a book.Here it is as a board book, and here it is as a hardcover.The presents are not always quite right, a cup of tea to a chicken for example, but Ivy is a generous little toddler.

Extra soft microfiber fabrics.