Waldorf although extremely nice (The Park City one was mad baller Conrads are really the execu gifts inc hotels of choice if you want maximum awesomeness for HHonors Points.
Just make sure you get some sort of elite status preferably Gold or Diamond and on top of that youll get your free internet, lounge access and potentially an amazing upgrade as well.
Like with any rewards program the key really is to decide at the beginning what program you want to work with and stick with.( m this really only applies for Americans but sign up for a HHonors credit card.Silver, Gold or Diamond, well up to nights 1-3 everything stays the same as the chart above but if you stay 4 or more nights you get point discounts.To make it more complicated there is a Points Variable Miles option which gives you 10 points 1 mile for each dollar that goes to your affiliated airline program.Okay this is my favorite part discount reservation line and it should be!The above chart is only for availability in the standard rooms.Youll have to check the Hilton property websites to figure out what category your hotel.So if you want to spend a weekend at one of these, go for the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card personalized gifts for girls as otherwise the stay will cost you 240,000 points!Earn 5 points per 1 USD on hotel stays at Home2Suites.Update March 28, 2013, theres been a devaluation of Hilton HHonors points so unfortunately a lot of these charts have been changed since then.The London Hilton Park Lane, where my parents are staying on their trip.
37,500 points a night is just too crazy to pass.
Of course if you do it really last minute you may still run into trouble but its way better than say the Aeroplan program which as most of you know is balls.