halal gift ideas

Provide a Halal bed and breakfast accommodation facility.
Create specific wedding dresses for Muslim brides and sell them to shops and in your locality.
Teach adults Arabic via online platforms and Skype providing one to one specialist tailored services in developing Arabic language skills.Amazon Kindle allows you to make money through receiving royalty payments depending on how many books you can sell.As smartphone technology develops apps are becoming ever more popular.Become a childrens story publisher, creating material around Islamic stories which are child friendly, full of colours and islamically educational.Set up a handyman service doing odd jobs in your community.e.Create an Islamically orientated nursery which could provide childcare and Halal food options for clients and children.You can set up a small shop selling personalised Holy Qurans and Islamic souvenirs.Those are super convenient snacks that dnddice coupon codes you can easily find in bulk.Carrots, apples, and pretzels with a nut-free dip.Thinking about and conceptualising a product, service or goods can be challenging.Painting, decorating, fixing leaks etc.