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Name, email, reason(s find solutions to all Guardian Crosswords, whatever the clue.
Cryptic Crossword 27,129, feb 2017 Cryptic Crossword #107 All clues are cryptic, but some clues are more cryptic than others: Cryptic Crossword 27,0 Cryptic Crossword #96 A tougher challenge, part of blue ribbon corporate gifts the Guardian's monthly Genius crossword series: Genius Crossword 1rchive.Guardian Crossword 24926 by Rover on 05 February 2010.Contact the crossword editors, to correspond with the Quick, Quiptic, Cryptic, Prize and Genius editor email.To take this approach we need some way to score each word which might appear in the crossword.The next two graphs are updated each day shortly after 3am and 9am.Logodaedalus for Daily Cryptic puzzles but used his own name for Quiptic puzzles.There is also an extensive archive of crosswords dating back to 1999.Mar 2017, cryptic Crossword #105, can you uncover all the secrets in my latest puzzle for the Guardian?The graphs below show on the Y-axis the proportion of words either in this particular crossword, all crosswords by that setter or all Guardian crosswords.Cryptic Crossword #116, my latest crossword is this week's Guardian.The X-axis shows the "easiness" of the words as defined above - the number of occurences in the Guardian crossword overall.The website also provides a weekly.The Guardian crossword editor is, hugh Stephenson.Cryptic Crossword #101, my 50th daily puzzle for the Guardian is this week's Prize: Guardian Prize 27,238, jul 2017.Please use the PDF version located above to complete the crossword.However, I will say the list of clues for the top word (extra) is remarkable because of the incredible variation and inventiveness of the clues.The Crossword Solver is designed to help users to find the missing answers to their crossword puzzles.Answers corresponding to these data points will not be available until a day after publication.Note 1: Occasional crosswords appearing under the pseudonym of Biggles were produced jointly by four regular Guardian compilers, all with the forename John: John Graham araucaria John Halpern paul John Henderson enigmatist ) and, john Young shed ).
In other words, flatter graphs represent puzzles with easier vocabulary for the experienced crossword solver.
Having useful but unusual synonyms (e.g.