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Greece is known for its production and consumption of cheese which began thousands of years ago, making Greece the producer of some of the oldest and finest cheeses in the world.If so, please sign up for our mailing list.I think that most of us usually get a package from Italy, France, or Spain.Food in ancient Greece was based upon the "Mediterranean Triad" made up of olive oil, wheat and wine."Spoon sweets" are a traditional dessert that are whole or large chunks of fruit preserved in a heavy syrup, made from fruits such as lemons, quinces, and bitter oranges.Dishes such as moussaka (a 3 layer eggplant dish) and tzatziki (a Greek sauce made from cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil and spices) are named both their for Arabic and Turkish roots.Typical foods in Greek Meze include sliced cucumbers, olives, fave beans, tomatoes, olives, phyllo dough wrapped meat, bekri meze (pork stewed in wine sausages, fried or grilled fish, bean salads, tarmosalada (a spread made from roe of carp peppers stuffed with Feta cheese or rice.Basket Includes: 1 x -Greek Gourmet Cook Book, Krinos, 89 pgs 1 x Baked Giant Beans in Sauce (palirria) 280g 1 x Biscuits Filled with Chocolate Flavor 200g 1 x Caprice - Praline Cream Filled Wafers 250g 1 x Deli Fresh Baklava with Walnuts,.In 350 BC, under the rule of Alexander the Great, the Greeks extended their empire to India and absorbed some of Indian influences into Greek cuisine.Click on these links to see for yourself the wonderful array to choose from.Check out this page if you're looking for.Stuffed peppers with a variety of ingredients from rice to cheese, raisins, mint and nutmeg are common in Greek cuisine.Greek Meze is served in a Greek restaurant called a mezedopoleía, and also at an ouzeri, which is a type of café that serves drinks such as ouzo, an anise-flavored spirit, tsipouro, a Greek pomace brandy, and raki, a strongly distilled liquor made from grape.They have gift baskets for every occasion including.Kefalotyri and Graviera are hard and salty Greek Cheeses and are excellent grated, fried and as part of mezethes, or Greek appetizers.One of Europe's most mountainous countries, Greece has the 10th longest coastline in the world.
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