Especially when talking about solar or batteries.
Heres that part of my bill highlighted in yellow: The red pen shows how much my bill was credited due to exported solar energy.Imagine a machine where you put 500 in and got 1,900 out.Starting with the absolute basics, please excuse this post if you think I am explaining the bleeding obvious!We need to take cash flow into account.QLD goairportshuttle com discount code Gov rebate for 4 star aircon: (742.50 - 300) 442.50.What do they stand for?At.31 per kWh it means that I am saving.20 per day with exports on this day (the yellow area) add up.51 (.4 kWh.08 ).So most of my savings are coming from self e total savings for the day are.Step 4 - Apply for, energex Peaksmart rebate when getting aircon installed, if you wanted something a bit bigger you could get the.5kw MHI system for around 450 using the same method.So at the highest level: kW measures power, and kWh measures energy.Lets call it 5 to make the maths easy.Single, double, queen, and king-size beds are though located close to the airport, planes.The size of a solar system is defined by its peak power.Things that may reduce (or increase) your returns.The technical bit for those that are interested: Energy: Energy is measured in Joules.Your return will be somewhere between these 2 numbers based on how much you export in the real world.If you buy solar panels, the returns will depend on how much energy you use and when you use.I used 8 kWh yesterday, yeah, yeah I know what you are thinking: Who cares?Calculating My Savings, looking at the graph: if the orange line is above the blue line then we are generating more than we are using.Which means one thousand.If you do you may end up with a solar system that is completely the wrong size!
But I spent my money with confidence because, even if I only saved 1,000 per year, I knew the system would be more than paying for itself based on current interest rates.

Why is the difference between Energy and Power important?
Heres what that looks like on a typical Summers day (you can click the graph for a big interactive version).