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If goroutines were just threads, system resources would run out at a much smaller number.
Why are and - statements and not expressions?Org you will need to abide by the guidelines at ml Go does have an extensive library, called the runtime, that is gifts for wannabe chefs part of every Go program.Now, if only I could be offered a cameo role in The Simpsons, I could show that actor how to do a real British accent." 7 Dawkins later made a cameo in The Simpsons episode " Black-Eyed, Please ".To bind the current value of v to each closure as it is launched, one must modify the inner loop to create a new variable each iteration.Why do garbage collection?Higher-level interfaces enable much simpler code, even if there are still mutexes and such under the covers.A canonical error type, coupled with Go 's other features, makes error handling pleasant but quite different from that in other languages.Go uses brace brackets for statement grouping, a syntax familiar to programmers who have worked with any language in the C family.If two methods return different types, they are not doing the same thing.This is almost never the desired behavior.If you do need to use C with Go, how to proceed depends on the Go compiler implementation.
Some have asked for a compiler option to turn those checks off or at least reduce them to warnings.