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Yes, that would be a great gift to give him.9 at Amazon Buy Natori Womens Shangri-La Solid Knit Robe From 59 at Amazon Putting on real clothes can sometimes be too much effort for new parents.From 5 at Amazon Buy MT Washi Masking Tapes, Set of 20, Bright frames direct coupon code 2017 Cool Colors lowes multiple appliance discount (MT20P002) 13 at Amazon Or maybe they like to organize everything.Your gift doesn't necessarily have to be very expensive for it to make a big impression.If you're best friends, you probably know each other pretty well.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.He's sure to love.If you've known your best friend for a long time, it might come across as a little insincere or distant, if you just give him a functional gift.The male birthday is notorious for being exceedingly difficult to buy for, and is often a dreaded occasion.Question Is is okay to give t-shirts to my male best friend?A handmade craft item (like a piece of furniture, skateboard, laptop stand, etc.).Oh yeah, happy birthday.13 at Amazon Buy Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest 20 at Amazon You know your best friend deserves first class but if thats way out of their and your budget, this padded foot sling is the next best thing.Something clever that plays off of his name.g., if he's named Brian, you might consider.You can gift him a novel if he is interested in reading novels or you can gift him a diary, a wrist band, wallet, goggles, a shoulder bag.
Getting your guy friend something that appeals to his sense of masculinity or his image as a gentleman is usually a fairly safe choice.
Being goofy and being a good friend Nope!

Also, buying him something he already owns isn't a risk limited to functional gifts.
If you're worried about your gift coming across as something more than a friendly gesture, it's a good idea to keep some distance when giving the gift.
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