gifts for wannabe chefs

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Cookbooks are another good idea, but there are so many to choose from, and only you know which would be a good one to give.
Connected to an app on smartphones, the Hiku pod scans barcodes and uses voice recognition to create shopping lists, which can be shared across multiple devices; said lists can then be arranged according to your local store aisles, encouraging effective shopping with minimal collateral damage.TB Groupe Evercut Knife, i wrote this up the other day, and just had to include it in this round-up.No sense doing two batches of cookies when one will.Update : looks like all the ones below that price have been bought up!Consider some of the following items to set your foodie on the right path.Buy Now: 30, mazama Wares Pint Glass Hand blown in Portland, Oregon, these 20-ounce imperial pint glasses come from Mazama Wares, the same company known for its design-forward coffee cant hurt to have a few high-quality items around the kitchen.The only trouble is it costs a mint: 225.Available in three neutral colors: Clear Honey, Clear Aqua or Smoke (pictured).The Gear Patrol Magazine, the best gift is something that the recipient wants but wouldnt buy for himself.Get em out of the cheap oil rut.And remember, a high-quality knife or pot can last a lifetime!4,495 Further Reading More guides and gear to fill out your list 5 Pantry Essentials, As Told by the Pros Five of the worlds best chefs and industry pros share the pantry essentials they just couldnt cook without.Thatll do any meat you throw at it, and sandwiches to boot.Id welcome any one of these as a gift, and even established chefs are probably missing one or could use a replacement.Still, its a classic, and you can probably find one on sale for five bucks.Each one, made by hand in the USA, is cast in aluminum, which not only efficiently conducts heat, but also naturally resists rust.
One side features the brands propriety Baking Steel, a thick slab of metals that the brand claims is unparalleled in the oven when it comes to cooking fast and even at lower temperatures particularly for pizzas, which inspired its invention.