Light from an object moves to the eye and the brain interprets.
In fact some animals that live deep in caves do not even have eyes.When the music stops, the child who is holding the eyeglasses must put them.Give each child a coloring page.Then switch places and repeat the activity.Name the items with your group and set the cards face down on the table.Physical activity breakout chester discount code AND motor skills Fabric-covered floor Cut several squares of colourful fabric, making sure they are all the same size (you must have enough to cover a large surface).Students write their names in the correct color column based on their eye colors.References Photo by Kazz.0 under CC.0 via Flickr.Did they find that they used more of their other senses?Children can walk around the daycare, holding the eyes in front of their face.Light game Fill a large bin with a variety of items that light up (flashlights, toys with lights, etc.) that can safely be manipulated by the children in your group.Stick two crayons together, end to end.Children take turns picking an item out of the bag and sorting it per the characteristic you determined at the start of the activity.
Whats hiding in my bag?
Purchase extra pairs at your local dollar store or ask parents to lend you some if your collection is incomplete.

Songs rhymes-sense OF sight (Open songs rhymes-Sense of sight) I like to see By: Patricia Morrison - Sung to: Apples and bananas I like to see, see, see Flowers and the sun I like to see, see, see My family and my friends I like.