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Giving such a gift is something that many parenting experts recommend, and some, like the experts over at What to Expect, even suggest taking it a step further by having the new siblings exchange gifts.
In addition, my husband recently came up with another the blueprint 2 the gift clever strategy to build the excitement: When the new baby arrives, he will give his big sister (aka my daughter) a gift.
Give them special jobs that they can do to help the family and help with the babys care (but dont overdo ittake your cue from your child on this).Never deny or discount your childs feelings.Make sure the older child has some special, private space, and things of their own that they dont have to share with the baby.Let your child choose the activity, and you follow their lead.Make a salt handprint of your two childrens hands and make two sets and frame them in a shadow box for each child to cherish.Follow Hint Mama on, facebook and, twitter, and read more about her and her disclosures.Will there be a lap for me? .Prepare your child thoroughly by watching videos of births with them, bringing them to midwife or OB appointments, and talking with them about what it may be like.Have your child practice holding a doll and supporting the head. .For older school-aged kids.As you prepare for your second childs upcoming arrival, a very popular trend is popping up sibling gifts!A silly spoof, where the older sister is the hero!For New Baby: Take your eldest child to Build A Bear Workshop and have them customize and create a new bear friend for their sibling.Remind visitors to pay attention to your older child, and not just the baby.