Take a look at our speech writers in the victoria's secret forever angel gift Confetti directory!
It said: Tranmere 3, Rotherham.
Driving Jemima very kindly gave me a lift to the wedding rehearsal yesterday.To open the market, the mayor cuts in to a huge Lebkuchen (gingerbread loaf locals scoff Nonnenseufzer, a risqué nickname for freshly-cooked doughnuts, filled with apple.Children (from previous relationships) Blimey.Top-class choirs and musicians perform nightly in the courtyard of the Old Palace, with its towering Christmas tree.Theyd go out for long cycle rides together, drink from the same straw, hold hands in the park.You could even say he has the InterRail spirit literally coursing through his veins.After protracted engagement I knew at once that I had made a big impression on Cath, because shortly after that first fateful meeting, she went and left the country for three months/ started dating my flatmate/ converted to Christianity/ joined Narcotics Anonymous/took to meditating every.For him, the evening is one long, happy nostalgic reverie.I dont know where Id be without err, whatisname, you know Funny habits If it wasnt for people like Sally, video machines would henceforth be made without the pause button.But then again, if I cant say my piece today of all days, when can I?Im sitting in the somewhat optimistically-named Seaside Parkview Hotel bar in Leipzig after attending InterRails 40th birthday bash and suddenly rather sadly I feel strangely un-European.Another speciality is the little men made out of dried prunes.While there, take in a performance fin fun com giveaway at the Semper Opera House; a boat trip on the Elbe; the treasures of the Zwinger and the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault).As well as the Old Town complete with magnificent cathedral, there are the snow-capped Alps and illuminated boats in the harbour.OOH AAH jusittle BIT more!
Unless you count asking her 14 times a bit of persuading.
He picked it himself.

Other highlights here include the worlds tallest Nutcracker and tallest Christmas pyramid.
He thought Dr Pepper was a real doctor, always ate his sweetcorn because he was afraid of the Jolly Green Giant, and once almost came a cropper trying to ride an egg to work.