Who hosts a gender reveal party?
And, truth be told, I probably already got you an expensive shower gift.
A gender reveal party consists of a few games, themed food and drinks and of course, the reveal of the babys gender!Check out these cute parent focused gifts for some inspirational (and even comical) discount carpet san jose gift ideas.A gender reveal party, in my opinion, should not be about the show of gifts.Should you bring gifts to a gender reveal party?Because baby showers are usually reserved for the mothers and her girl friends, this celebration is a good time to include more male friends.Gifting a basket of delicious chocolates is always a winning option.If you are curious on appropriate gender reveal party etiquette, read more here and know that could donald trump win the presidential election a gift is not mandatory!You open the invitation and the excitement starts!During the first half of pregnancy, parents-to-be typically see a doctor every 4 weeks, meaning a whole month between hearing that little pitter-patter.If you just can't keep away from the baby aisle (trust us, we understand!) but aren't sure what to buy when the cute outfits or nursery decor items are so obviously gender specific.Editor's Note: This piece was written by a popsugar contributor and does not necessarily reflect the views of popsugar Inc.Piñata, revealing the babys gender with a piñata is a great throw-back to the couples younger days.Pinkblush Maternity, but don't rule out a gift card to the big box stores - most places, including.A gender reveal party is to celebrate the baby that's found its way into your heart.Fetal Heartbeat Monitor: Thanks to new technology, you can order this former doctor's-office-only tool off Amazon with the click of a button and without much impact on the wallet!Jewelry A nice necklace or ring is a thoughtful way to give the new mom a timeless piece to remember her experience.These must have items have no bearing on the nursery theme or color scheme, so you're safe on that front too!To build anticipation, couples will wait until about midway through the party, usually before dessert, to reveal the gender of their baby.

We suggest commonly used items like baby shampoo and lotion or fingernail clippers.