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We use credit card data or other payment data for invoicing purposes, such as the purchase of a Press Up Gift Card or to complete a restaurant or hotel booking.
We may change this Privacy Statement from time to time to make sure it is still up to date.
A valid request to delete personal information will be accommodated within 30 days as per the gdpr legislation.
Press Up Entertainment Group, and (ii) local systems controlled solely by the relevant business.We collect, store and process personal data at two different stages: (i) before you decide visit one of our premises and (ii) when you stay or have stayed in one of our hotels, or visited one of our bars, restaurants or entertainment venues.During the registration process, we ask for the Parents name and email address for notification and security purposes, as well as the childs first name and date of birth, (for age verification purposes) and a postal address.I encourage all gift hunters to keep accumulating points.Unless specified with an option to tick a consent box, this information will not be used to market to you. Consent (if required) Enter into or perform a contract to which you are a party For the purposes of our, or a third party's, legitimate interests.For more information visit, cookies Policy.Regardless of which, press Up Entertainment Group business you engage with, your personal data will be stored in (i) centralized systems which are under the control.The applicability of the laws of Ireland and General Data Protection Regulation shall be without prejudice to any provisions that may apply to a particular processing activity under local mandatory data protection law.This information may be provided to third parties, but only if permitted by law or if this information cannot be traced back to you.If you believe your child is participating in a Kids Club activity that collects personal information and you or another parent/guardian have NOT received an email confirming subscription to the kids club, please feel free to contact.Who Processes Your Personal Data?We store your personal data in our database(s also after your transaction has been completed or after you have stayed in one of our hotels, in order to comply with data retention obligations and to be able to contact you and welcome you again.We collect (meta)data on your use of our Wi-Fi services for security and anti-piracy purposes (such as: IP address, your device's MAC address, connections made, location, etc.).In any instance that we collect personal information from you, we will retain that information only so long as reasonably necessary to fulfil the activity request or to allow you to continue to use our services, and ensure the security of our users and our.We use this information to provide you with (personal) offers, both on our website and via advertisements capitol gift shop dc on other websites you visit.