Prices Vary, tazo Tea Gift Set Featuring Large Bistro Style Mug.
It includes the necessary accessories to properly brew a pot of tea, and the cast iron construction means it stays hot longer.
It basically is combining a traditional ceramic cup with a lid and a sleeve to keep the tea inside and your hand cool.6.50 Informative Tea Towel This tea towel is nice to keep around because it has plenty of information and tips on tea.These boost-giving delicious herbal whole leaf teas are selected from small sustainable, high quality gardens and are naturally caffeine-free making for a surely serene, relaxing moment.Hell make sure your tea comes out just right by allowing the tea to seep out but keeping the leaves contained inside.This sampler package allows you to have a proper tea time, just add your favorite tea.Prices Vary Wood Chest of Silken Tea Pyramids The presentation on this chest of tea pyramids is going to knock their socks off.Let your lovely mother feel just as wonderful as she is with this perfectly fitting mothers day gift.Specialty books about tea, whimsical tea-themed presents such as clocks, towels, coasters, signs, and tea artwork.There really are all types of tea spoons, ones with tea pots on the handle, others that have a heart for the handle, and even more ornate ones that have roses and different designs to suit any taste.Its designed to fit into your cupped hands so that you can feel more at one with your tea, and savor the moments that you have with it, fleeting as they may.Anybody would be lucky to receive this amazing gift.It looks pretty impressive, and theyre definitely going to like whats in each pyramid.You can tell this was designed by a real Star Wars and tea lover, and will be loved by the same.T, who likely wouldnt be so accommodating.The box comes full to the brim of gorgeous ginger biscotti cookies, an organic dark chocolate bar which will complement any flavor of tea a mug, and of course those yummy teas.Inside, you will find many delectable delights from English Breakfast when to send out thank you cards for wedding gifts Tea, to Premium Black Tea, and even Biscotti cookies.Inside youll find 40 pyramid tea infusers full of the most delectable tasting leaves.These teas are crafted so they embody the tea that theyre inspired.

With handmade soaps and a lovely mesh body sponge, you can give someone the gift of an at home spa treatment and pamper, which they can then follow up with a lovely calming cup of tea and a delicious chocolate snack.