funny gifts for single friends

16.95 Ring Bell for Service We all want to be waited on hand and foot.
VW camper VAN tent.Designed for graduates, it is easily adaptable to any occasion possible and, lets face it, everyone loves candy.This will bring you tons of fun and is the perfect conversation starter on the beach to attract some new friends to hang out with.4.23 BigMouth Inc birthday raffle ideas Grenade Take a Number Mug Dont pull the pin on your gift giving until you have seen this enormous Take a number mug by BigMouth Inc.Its completely wireless and connects with various devices by bluetooth.195 AND.13.99 Total Vision Table Games Potty Golfing If your husband, dad or mate is golf-obsessed, give them this Potty Golf game so they can practice wherever they are even in the bathroom.24.99 Rosie The Riveter Lip Balm Behind every great set of lips, is an even greater lip balm that will keep your lips strong and tough in even the coldest of weather.Its made anatomically close to reduce dead air space with modern thermal insulation materials.Never let them forget it (even if they might have forgotten what they said to you) with this tin of Memory Mints.Home Funny Gifts Funny Gifts For Men, every man loves to have a laugh and a giggle!A great gag gift for the Game of Thrones lover in your life.They will love this Miracle-gro garden!Nixie tube clock For your science-loving friend, get this Nixie tube clock.Remember the golden rule: the best friend gifts smell like gumballs.This hand made item ships all the way from Russia.She really hasn't heard "Email My Heart" until it's played through a Crosley turntable.That scent of frying bacon has now been captured and thrown straight into a bar of soap.You can set alarms on it and personalize it to suit your needs.
Pay homage to your favorite crazy lady with this fun plastic figurine.
Polaroid instant camera This 10-megapixel digital polaroid camera takes polaroid cameras to another level.

Best of all, it prevents embarrassing accidents that occur from employing the traditional emergency squat method.