Example gifts include a official sports coupon free shipping homemade ornament or mason jar cookie mix.
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Everyone attending goes out and gets a gift that anyone would enjoy.
Separate jokes from punch lines on strips of paper.Add the words, right, Left, and.Holiday Giggles, have a list of holiday jokes prepared, one for each person participating in the exchange.The amount doesnt matter as long as everyone has the same available.Once they find their gift, get together in a circle and open them!This adds the excitement of people trying to obtain a specific gift.Once the first person has received their gift, it moves on to the next until each person has a gift.Before the party, the host will assign you a guest to bring a basket for.Do that until all the gifts are gone.Gift Basket Fun Think of it as a care package for the recipient.Put the punch lines on the packages.Variation: If you wish, you may have each person open the gift before guessing who it is from.We provide a list of gift exchange games for large groups so you can make things a little different this year.Its a fun game that will cause a lot of laughs, in my experience.Hidden Gifts Treasure Hunt, purchase inexpensive, small gifts at a dollar store, wrap them, and hide them around the house. .This continues down the line until everyone ends up with a present.