Looks and feels great, can't beat the price Ethan.
In my picture Im pressing down clinton's christmas gift boxes harder than the amount I should need to for the knife to open.
Dissapointed but so is life Dante.
This is a awesome, great grib, really sharp i love the design on it i look forward to order more and do a video in my channel about your awesome knifes and swords!I was very disappointed with what I received.This knife is great.My daughter found the site knowing I love blades.R/GlobalOffensiveTrade.6k, online, a place to trade CS:GO items.It was a great knife and extremely cool.Great addition to the survival gear I already have.Its so cool looking and super handy.My first ever krambit so always cool to add a new knife to the collection!Its not that big of a deal, but if we were to do this again, wed like to see variety.Comes with a heavy duty stealth which I like.This is a hell of a knife!Everyone I run into love the look of this knife, and wants to know how to get one.Would buy more Jacob.The knife quality was only that of a punch-out knife, which is not the quality that I have come to expect from blade city.The "Free Knife Giveaway" is a sweet deal when u get 440 Stainless!Its a beautiful hand crafted knife, a wonderful surprise.Love the knife, will do good buying more.Its not a knife ive come across when looking on the site so thats a disappointment.Really good quality, tough knifes, especially for the price.
I will probably buy mystery knives from y'all again.