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Its also worth mentioning that Noctua was nice enough to send office academic discount in an extra NF-A9 fan so we could test both these coolers out with two fans on them.
On the top of the cooler, we can the top of the 5 U-shaped heat pipes as well as a nice Noctua logo pretty much front and centre.
To get things kicked off, I had to install this on a Socket LGA 1151 motherboard.
Flipping it onto its side and we can see how the heat pipes pass through the nickel plated base plate.Thats right, one lucky winner will get to choose ONE of these coolers from Noctua, either the U9S or D9L and we will also include that spare NF-A9 fan so you can have some proper cooling goodness.Now that we have the name settled, how does a rock end up looking like the appendage of a cartilaginous fish?On the sides, they are designed to allow fans to be clipped.Looking at the fin arrays from the sides and we can again see how they are designed to allow a fan to be clipped onto either side.The D9L also only has four heatsinks so it will be quite interesting to see the results of our testing in the next section.MultiRotorCam, shark Fin Cove Information, hours, sunrise to Sunset.Wheres the fun in that?When taking it out of the box, the fan is placed in between the two fin arrays.Test System Programs Temperatures Noise Levels So the time has come, Ive put both the NH-U9S and NH-D9L through their paces and while there is a clear winner in performance, they are both very worthy coolers.As we can see, the base plate does feature a highly reflective surface, though I wouldnt consider it a mirror surface.For terms and conditions and to enter, please see the Giveaway section at the end of the review.Parking.7 miles from Davenport, just north of the Bonny Doon Beach lot.First, you want to insert the backplate as shown with the screws coming out through the front.Explore at your own risk, with galoshes and a flashlight, of course.Square ILM LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150 AMD AM2, AM2, AM3, AM3, FM1, FM2, FM2 ( backplate required height (without fan) 110 mm Width (without fan) 95 mm Depth (without fan) 95 mm Height (with fan) 110 mm Width (with fan) 95 mm Depth (with fan).It will be quite interesting to see which one comes out on top as they are so similar.How to Get There, from Santa Cruz, take Highway 1 north approximately 10 miles.The more trash we leave behind, the weaker the magic becomes, and the dark tunnel becomes less like the mines to Moria and more like a conduit for plastic bottles and candy wrappers.Adventure Into the Mines of Moria.
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Noctua has graced us with some more normal sized coolers that still offer great performance, so lets wrap this up and see how I really feel about them.
These coolers both feature a single 92mm fan, though a second fan is easily purchased if needed.