english names meaning gift from god

We have options from Christian, Indian, Irish, Hebrew and Islamic origin to get you started on your naming search.
For boys, the names Asher, Benedict, Bennett, Zelig and Barke all mean blessing.
If we're being honest, the road to conceiving and then carrying a child is not always a smooth one.
Which is exactly why baby names that mean "miracle" are so appropriate for your new bundle of joy.Girl, hebrew, African, adea, a kind gift from the God, girl.In fact, the baby girl name Nevaeh, which is heaven spelled backwards, is a popular choice among parents, ranking number 35 on the Social Security Administrations popular baby name list!Liora Liora is a beautiful name that means someone who is a gift of light.Theodora discount coupon ancestry com This name comes to us from the Bible.Amarisa This baby name means one who is given by God.Heba This means someone who is gifted.Aishi This Hindu name means the blessings of God.Child null field11 and" 1 Step 1, previous, next.Aashish, this Hindu name means blessing.Names, meaning, gender, favourites, ethan strong or gift of the island.The following baby names are not only unique, but they have special meanings perfect for your miracle baby.
Your little baby is a gift from God.
Joindah This Islamic name means blessings of the lord.