This compositional quirk, which might be interesting or exciting were the note beautiful or even bearable is rendered irritating to the extreme by the plastic, mouthwash like quality of the odour.
Initially it started out soapy, which I didn't find pleasing, but when it dried down, I recall memories of playing outside on a showery uk open college discount code spring day in the yard of my childhood peter's of kensington coupon code free shipping home, and then again to the house we moved into afterwards, where the.
I would not necessarily say this perfume is 'clean' so much as I would call it 'spring-showered on because live love shop discount code it's fresh and very, very, very bright and sparkling, but not soapy and clean you've been bathing.So when I sprayed it on today, I was taken back to memories of being as a child, but none that specifically pointed to any one person.My go-to (and only) for fresh scents was Green Tea Lotus, also by Elizabeth Arden, because it's a real pick-me-up when you've been sweating or exercising to any degree, but I think I might have move that to back of the shelf because I prefer.Move aside GTL, Splendor's taken your place.Elizabeth Ardens Green Tea is an unpleasantly sickly absence of taste where a good scent should.I have been curious about Splendor for a long time.Whilst I did not test this on myself, I can tell you that from the paper strip I tested this perfume on, I am impressed.Any sense of hope is misplaced for this oakmoss has a bitter unpleasant spice and lacks any power.It is recommended for daytime wear.Eventually one is left wishing that like a gate crashing guest a summer picnic it would just go away., nothing about Green Tea other than its central sweetness would ever have denoted gender and now that men are as sugary toothed in their fragrant tastes.There are no fruits in this, it's all flowers and wood.Opening with a big metallic straight-from-the-tin note of readymade and heavily sugared ice tea with something distinctly alcoholic, intended perhaps to lend a touch of racy chic, only a zest of lemon and undefined citrus are all too brief relief.Then yet another transformation, as in late dry down the mint and acid elements dissipate and a rather salty, perhaps too salty, amber appears with a distinct artificial oakmoss structure underlining.It's also only moderate sillage, so I don't mind spraying a lot.The tea persists well into an elongated heart that is the strangest part of the whole affair, for this is where the mint note, a chewing gum confection of an aroma with an anti halitosis fennel, appears, then disappears and then reappears almost literally.Launched by the design house of Elizabeth Taylor in 1993, diamonds sapphires is a Women's fragrance that possesses a blend of a fresh cut floral bouquet of lily of the valley, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and spice.I like the bottle particularly because of it's simplistically elegant design.This is definitely a future purchase.For once this staying power is actually a negative, for this is a scent that is by turns offensively inoffensive and firmly rooted in the world of oral hygiene.Diamonds Sapphires - Set-edt Spray.3 Oz Body Lotion.3.It manages to coordinate a collection of apparently innocuous notes into something cyclically banal and mentholatedly nauseating.

A later hint of musky sandalwood.