These teams had to fight their way through the qualifier using the Swiss System Format which means you had to win 3 best of jackbox games discount ones.
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So who are you cheering for this event?
The players will be playing under the new multi-game team called North.My favorite team is Optic Gaming.I hope they win it all.Eleague Major 2017 is a 16 team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georiga, United States on January 22, 2017.Poles should be a factor, the Polish powerhouse of o will hope to carry the momentum from the second half of last year into the first Major of 2017.It was anticipated that NaVi would then dominate the final couple of months of the year, but this simply has not been the case.The Brazilians have recently replaced fnx with fox out of Portugal as a stand in, but there is little indication as to how this will impact their play.The 16 teams participating in this tournament coming from around the world to win their share in the 1,000,000 prize pool.Eleague Major 2017 Tournament Preview, spread The News, facebook.Eight qualifiers from ESL One Cologne 2016 will be joined by eight more offline qualifiers in what sets up to be a highly entertaining event.It wouldve been 33 bets but I miss one because I was sleep during the CLG vs Renegades match on Day.Very similar to Stewie2k at Cloud9, rush opens up space for the rest of the team to operate, giving stars like mixwell and tarik the ability to put up incredible numbers.O were widely accepted as the best Counter Strike team in the latter half of 2016, with only a few more recent results blemishing their record. .So I will be cheering for the #GreenWall the whole time.