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I have to say that even though my degree is in fashion, and I like to sew, Im not a perfect seamstress.I love indian scientist who won nobel prize in physics the way the coasters turned out and am having a hard time with the thought of giving them away.I think theyd be fantastic given with a tin of cookies from the recipe, a complete and personal gift!I decided to theme each coaster: Coffee, Tea, Beer and Wine.Welcome to day two of my 12 Days of Handmade Gifts.Take your pocket piece and stitch a length of bias tape on the top raw edge.Pinterest feed lately and I decided its finally time to try them myself.I hope Ive inspired a few of you to give.My grid contained 20 columns and 24 rows.You want to make sure that your recipe is as wide as your pot holder so when you cut it out it wont be too small.Maybe Ill make a second set for a gift and keep this one proceo infection control discount code for myself!You can staystitch your pocket to the front of your square or you can pin it in place.
Dip in again, lower then the first line, hold for 10 seconds.