Its super easy to learn how to make a gift box out of christmas gifts for those who have lost a loved one scrapbook paper.
Watch the video above and see how super quick and easy it is to turn a paper CUP into a cute little gift box.
There are lots of different ways you can great a gift box!
Okay, so quick go grab your scrapbook paper.The top is now done, baby!Your presents will be as beautiful on the outside as the inside.The best thing about these, is that you can co-ordinate any party theme to match!Make sure your paper is a perfect 12 x 12 square. .We also have some.Snip the other edge, too, and heres what youre left with: Now rotate your paper and do the same for the other side.We also have some DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas for you here: What others are reading.Stuff your box with any little treasure, treat, or trinket.Can you guess what they have been made from?How cute are these?This is good enough.Then I trimmed.Both sides snipped will look like this: After youve folded the flaps out, this is what it should look like.Flip your scrapbook paper to the wrong side and draw an X from one corner to the other.Just make sure youve got a perfect square.