First of all, the discounts come from individual branches, so you'll have to call local AAA offices to get"s.
Fred Meyer senior discount : 10 15, depending on dept., first Tuesday of each month (55) verified.If someone has 1000 positive reviews for selling park tickets, they aren't going to have to offer much of a discount.Will the legitimate tickets have big discounts?A Disney Deluxe Passport, which has some graduation gift for dietitian blackout days, for an adult costs 729.EBay Discount : 10-30 - Difficulty : Medium - Risk : extreme!Referral, Affiliate, and Advertising Policy, there aren't a ton of places to find legitimate discount Disneyland tickets, but in the swim coupon code free shipping and handling there are a few.Publix : 5 off every Wednesday only in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia (60 ) verified.Difficulty : High, risk : None Disney Vacation Club members occasionally get ticket discount offers.Hy-Vee: Says Yes (but discount policy varies by locale) verified.We continue to have an incredible response to all of our senior discount lists, and thank each of you who has contributed input. .Worth a phone call, if you're already a member, but no worth effort beyond that.There are going to be a few people who put up an eBay account just to sell tickets they lucked into, but you can't distinguish those from scammers.
Undercover Tourist starting selling Disneyland Tickets in May 2018, and are our recommended site for buying Disneyland tickets.
Disneyland annual passes are too complex to break down thoroughly in this post, but here's some quick notes.