Sferra, since 1891, captures the timeless beauty of the world's finest fabrics and embroideries for a lifetime of luxury and comfort.
Recommended care points, pre-wash your linens before first use, it will make them softer.Fabric softeners coat yarn fibers, reducing the fabrics superior qualities (breathability, coolness, absorbency, etc.Do not use an excessive amount of detergent; use the smallest amount necessary for cleaning.Hot water washing is not recommended.Caring for your Sferra duvet covers, sheets pillow cases will prolong their useful life and preserve their beautiful appearance.Machine-wash linens in warm or cold water on gentle cycle.Diamante sateen or the only sheet deserving to be nut free chocolate gift baskets called "heirloom quality, the 1020 thread count, Milos sateen, voted "Best In Bedding".The styling is a blend of the traditional and classic, with trendsetting design, colors, and weaves.Luxury fabrics woven from fine Egyptian and other fine cottons, silks and linen make our collections real and unique.Select from a vast array of fabulous styles that are sure to suit your desires and requirements.Luxury linens are first and foremost about discovering and enhancing your own individual style to create a decor that makes you feel at home.If you like the warmer feel of sateen, consider their 610 thread count.If you are looking for fine European linens, there is no better name than sferra.Be sure to separate light and dark colors into different loads.Set apart your fine linens from other items in the wash, especially items with zippers, snaps, and other trimmings that can abrade the fabric.If desired, press with an iron while damp to remove any remaining wrinklesiron sateen and jacquard linens on their reverse side to restore luster.Unless linens are very soiled, you need only use half the recommended amount of detergent.Most of their quality linens are woven and sewn in Italy, and all are in stock in the.S.A.While sferra bed linens are made from natural fibers that generally can be machine-washed at home, please be sure to read the care label on each item for best results.From the longest staple cotton grown in the fertile valley of the river Nile to the master craftsmen in Italy, giza 45 is woven to its stunningly smooth finish.With over 30 years experience with sferra.