Kji Wada 's song "Butter-Fly" was used as the snap on discount opening theme for the series, and Ai Maeda 's (credited as AiM) songs "I wish" and "Keep on" were used as ending themes.
After Ken reunites with Wormmon, they join the DigiDestined, in order to protect the Digital World and eventually the Real one.
02 antagonists edit Kimeramon Voiced by: Tom Wyner Kimeramon is a chimera Digimon created by the Digimon Emperor to be his ideal partner Digimon in taking over the Digital World.
WarGreymon easily destroys Machinedramon with one hit while Machinedramon does no damage to him and at first thought WarGreymon missed him completely.Even when the DigiDestined are rejoined by Sora and Joe, the fight is still not to their favor as Devimon attempts to grab.K.Meanwhile, Matt goes out to search for TK against Gabumon's advice and gets hypothermia.Note 12 Suddenly, Kari's body is taken over by a strange entity, explaining why the children were chosen to save the DigiWorld in the first place.Yolei Inoue (, Inoue Miyako, Miyako Inoue in the Japanese version) Voiced by: Rio Natsuki (Japanese Tifanie Christun, Bridget Hoffman (in "Invasion of the Daemon Corps (English) Yolei is the president of the Computer Club at Odaiba Elementary School.When the DigiDestined enter his domain, Puppetmon abducts.K.When Ken becomes the Digimon Emperor, Wormmon stays by his side hoping that he will return to his normal self."Dragon Ball Z #1 Fad".A b c d " About Izzy".This forces Homeostasis and Hackmon to deem Meicoomon a threat while King Drasil and Dark Gennai see her as a means to destroy humanity.In the series' epilogue, Gabumon and Matt become an astronaut team and make it all the way to Mars, even though their actual destination was the moon.He has the ability to digivolve into insect-type forms with electric-based attacks.But the reunion is short-lived as Izzy focusing the writing on the wall causes an upset Mimi to get herself lost in the labyrinth with Tentomon as they are attacked by Centarumon.A group image depicting the DigiDestined featured." Digimon Dictionary: Piyomon".The Golden Digimentals and in the CD drama, Natsu e no Tobira.She is last seen descending into the Dark Ocean.She has a shy and kind demeanor.42 When the same question was asked two more times, her rank fell to 5th, 43 and then 6th, 44 but finally landed at 1st.Patamon and Me " Bken!

Koshiro "Izzy" Izumi (, Izumi Kshir, Koshiro Izumi in the Japanese version) 30 Voiced by: Umi Tenjin ( Adventure, 02 10 Mutsumi Tamura ( tri.
Kokatorimon captures all the boys and petrifies their partners.
"Memories of Our Digimon Adventure, Part 6".