did pacquiao win the fight tonight

Pacquiao has a very unique style.
Bradley is correct about, pacquiao s speed being a big factor in his win over Matthysse.But Top Rank's Bob Arum has mentioned Vasiliy Lomachenko as a possible next fight.But after the knockdown, he's going to be pretty far behind on the scorecards.Fight restarts, and Pac is blasting away.If he connects, it could be trouble for.Its impossible to know the answers to any of those queries, and those unknowns are what make this fight a fascinating possibility.He had too much speed and talent for Matthysse.But Pac hits him with a combo to the body."I'm surprised he said in the ring after the fight.Lucas doesn't seem hurt.Pacquiao, Matthysse would have needed to show a lot of heart to overcome.At the end of the fight, you will hear and the new WBA welterweight champion of the world, Manny Pacman.I saw him in a great mood, working very well with a smile, enjoying himself.Manny Pacquiao ringwalk: Yep, wimbledon gift experience Pacquiao is walking first because Matthysse holds a secondary sanctioning body belt and Pacquiao holds nothing.Then, on Thursday, it was sparring.In his last two fights, hes earned a combined 410,000.Overall: Pac 10-9 Lucas Matthysse ringwalk: He's got the hood of his robe over his head, and he looks serious.I don't know how distracted he may.For the fight, Pacquiao decided to elevate Fernandez from assistant to lead trainer with Fortune coming in from Los Angeles to supervise his conditioning program.But I lost to a great legend.".
So far, there's six flags san antonio military discount 2013 more in-fighting in this round.
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His pace to the ring is quick, and now, he's actually jogging.