did northam win

Gillespie, nutrisystem family plan discount code a former lobbyist and Republican National dawn of titans league rewards Committee chair, turned heads in Washington by leaning heavily on Trumps playbook running deeply misleading culture war ads alleging Northam was soft on the Salvadoran gang MS-13.
If that happens tonight, then, again, this is where my profound disagreement comes in with the presidents tweet, there has to be some self-reflection at the top and how thats spilling over in the down ballot).Ralph Northam, Virginias next governor.Team Northams turnout operation seems to have done its job, with voting up across much of Northern Virginia despite terrible weather (though higher early voting also contributed to the results).Democrats worried the race baiting might pay off in a low-turnout election, but it wasnt enough to put him over the top in the purple state."Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for.Northam lost non-college-educated whites by a stunning 72/26 margin, basically the same shellacking Clinton took from these voters.Men were divided between the two jeff ruby gift card candidates, but the Democratic vote share among women rose ten points from 51 percent in 2013 to 61 percent today.In the Obama era, Democrats lost 62 House seats, 11 Senate seats, 12 governorships, and 958 state legislature seats.No, Sign In Welcome!Twenty-seven percent of voters in Virginia described themselves a liberal a seven-point increase from 2013 while the percentage of conservatives dipped five points, from 36 percent in 2013 to 31 percent this year.Of course, this is just one election, and its probably safest not to read too much into its national implications.
Winning Virginias governors mansion suggests that trend may be about to reverse itself.