did coyotes win last night

I think we should just be friends I think we should just be friends And see if it ever happens again.
In the desert at high noon.I try and look forward, but a paper clips on my eye lids.My heads shaved down the middle.But I'm perched on the cross around your neck best birthday gifts for artists in my mind.The sounds inside us, the animal spirit.I'm barely exaggerating, this heat is exasperation.Covered in thumbtacks, and wearing the legs of an ape costume.Why do they sound so menacing?Did we do what I think we did?Maybe it's 80 in a blue LA sky.I want to hold your hand.I want to hold your hand, i wish you'd come back home.I wish you'd come back home.I punish myself metaphorically for you all the time.We're not quite to the point of a genius civilization yet.I'm sporting this dumb grin in a restaurant t-shirt.Walking up a hill with a thousand little holes.Coyotes sing inside the cavern where we hid.
The Coyotes got a much needed 4-0 victory over the Nashville Predators last night.
This excruciating headache's only getting worse.

It started pretty simple, Your favorite drink, this one's.