Carolina leads the Reds and Blues into battle against Felix and Locus ' pirates After Felix reveals the Pirates' plans to win lingual course Tucker, Carolina and the other Reds and Blues disable the radio jammer, allowing Epsilon to send Felix's recorded words from Tucker's helmet cam.
However, it is unknown whether the Director committed suicide with Carolina's magnum or Washington's.
Carolina and Tex both show similar personalities and have an immense amount of skill.
Carolina has York abort and uses her Speed Unit to catch up to Tex.Armor Color, cyan (formerly with silver trim species.Carolina, Epsilon and Washington After.Kills Edit Using various weapons, Carolina defeated many Insurrection soldiers when she was still with Project Freelancer and destroyed several Tex drones in True Colors.Despite having been defeated in both of their two fights (with one of them technically being inconclusive Carolina was able to stand her ground against Tex for an impressive amount of time However, according to the Counselor, Carolina is 57 more likely to neglect her.After running into Sharkface, however, Carolina convinces him to fight her alone, which he agrees.Cnbc estimates that the odds of winning the Mega Millions is one in 302.6 million.Overall, Carolina displays unquestionable skill in using her environment and situation to keep up and even overcome her enemies.Soon after, the Reds and Blues leave to meet the Cosmic Powers on Starseeds.The Reds and Blues then retire to a remote moon, where Carolina struggles to enjoy the simple life and eventually takes part in the rest of the crew's antics.Soon after, with Wash unable to find anything new inside the facility, Carolina decides to leave the power facility and locate a new target:.T.Overlooking both teams on a cliff, Epsilon decides to stay with them, but Carolina mentions that she intercepted a transmission detailing thugs that have stolen Freelancer equipment, and offers Epsilon to accompany her.As the two reminisce about their time at Freelancer, Carolina expresses guilt over missing an opportunity to start over with York but Wash assures her that she still has time.Season 11, Carolina serves as a main character throughout.Red - Part 2, an obvious reference to Optimus Prime of Transformers lore.A perfect instance of this is that she attempted to join the Reds' and Blues' band simply to see them squirm at her horrific singing abilities.The crew then reunite with Sister and the Chorus Lieutenants, who inform them of Wash's recovery, overjoying Carolina.After Grif eliminates the soldiers, Carolina begins barking orders at the Reds and Blues.
Carolina, Washington, and Kimball during their attack on the Communications Temple Upon regrouping with the others, the pirates unleash several Mantises.
Carolina uses her energy shield anil ambani gift to his wife to save the Reds and Blues The four are then picked up by the Reds, but soon discover that Doyle decided to remain in the city to ignite the reactor himself, in an act of self-sacrifice.

She also kills several sim troopers in Red vs Red.
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