Jedi, padawan during the, jedi Civil War.
3 Searching for the Star Forge Edit " They may have found something on each of the other worlds that completed this map.Destruction of Taris Edit " The search for Bastila is taking too long.It had not yet been proven if she left before Korriban fell into ruin, or died there before leaving.It was a rare skill that increased the morale of her allies in battle and uk election who will win reduced her enemies' will to fight.bastila Shan src, bastila Shan was a, human female who served.He would then use her skills with battle meditation to crush the Republic.3 Two endings were available in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in which Shan would appear.Wookieepedia has 2 audio files related to Bastila Shan.After the attack on the Endar Spire, Brejik found it when he salvaged her escape pod, and when Revan killed Brejik during the aftermath of the Taris swoop race, he returned it to Shan.Instead of being the monster she imagined and feared he would be, Revan proved to be a true servant of the light side, and displayed many acts of kindness throughout their journey together.In the holorecording discussing the Jedi Civil War, Bastila was incorrectly referred to as a Jedi Master during her role in the capture of Darth Revan.3 Shan was discovered to be gifted with a Force power that would gain her considerable renown later in life: Battle meditation." Bastila Shan and Revan src Shortly after Revan and his crew boarded the Star Forge, Malak summoned Shan, who was using her battle meditation against the Republic fleet, enabling the Sith to predict their enemy's move and strategies.He left all whom he cared for behind, including Shan due to her pregnancy, as he did not wish to put the life of their child at risk.Shan was wary of trusting the mercenary, but sensed no deceit from him.Revan was left clinging to life.From her point of view, she was more powerful than all but a few Jedi Masters, gifts for 1 year boy baby Malak, and of course, Revan himself.

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She soon found herself admiring his passion and unrivaled power and, despite her best efforts, began to slowly fall in love with him.