could donald trump win the presidential election

"Oh, I'd absolutely go with Trump he says.
I thought you said this wouldnt happen, she told him after Trumps victory was announced.
An Economist/YouGov poll released this month of people who voted in the last presidential election suggested that the 2016 electorate has soured on Trump somewhat.While the former.B.I.I changed my mind when I saw the concession speech, she said.She and her friend found a quieter area where she texted friends and family.It was like somebody had just kicked me in the stomach."I would say, against Hillary, he would win she says.Clintons concession the resistance begins I woke up the next morning with tears in my eyes, Chaffee remembered.Laughter (Moore with hands in prayer in position).Trumps Supreme Court nominations as decisive for her vote.Nobody thought it was a lock, she recalled.Hillary Clinton concession speech: I know its painful After being pushed back multiple times, Clinton took the stage at around.30am, dressed in purple and black, to signify unity.Probably more important to the defeat of the Trump bloc in future elections, analysts say, will be factors such as turnout among minority voters, whom Trump lost in 2016 by a whopping 53 points.She took a moment to sit down in a park after voting and soak it all.If we were going to market again, tomorrow lee canyon season pass discount code or next week, we'd probably be closer to 50-50." Trump has been strong on terrorism in the last few days, and on other topics that resonate with his core supporters, he says.I heard she had a glass ceiling, Williams recalls her friend saying about the expected Clinton victory party."I absolutely would not say he would win says Mr Newport.

"There are probably enough negative keys to predict his defeat says Professor Lichtman, who teaches at American University.