cool golf tournament prizes

Vacations (such as a cruise often part of a tournament package such as those at the.
You may also want to list your auction items prior to your event to get the excitement and bids rolling.
Golf Clinic: Many of your invitees might pass up the opportunity to play in these charity golf events due to a lack of skill. Coupons for mulligans are sold to players, allowing them to retake any shot during tournament play.Campbell: A medal for the Short North Tavern Ryder Cup championship.Ensuring all players have a good time should be you number one priority if youre looking to grow next year.Running a charity golf event is no different!White Dog Promotions LLC.Any award splish splash discount code should be imprinted or engraved with your tournament name, logo, date, location, and name of the honor being given.Playing in golf outings can often be one of the most satisfying golf events amateur golfers do throughout a year.Here are 9 of our favorite answers:.In addition to the basics, we offer many unique golf gifts that most players have not received in past tournaments. . The key here is to offer this option to those who cant make it to your event.