comcast 300 dollar gift card

90 days came and went and no 300 dollar card.
I told them when I signed up they told me I would.
I just don't know what to buy.I was looking at new digital cameras, GPS devices, camcorders, new MP3 players, etc.Please edit or confirm OK below, then re-submit.I purchased covercraft promo code free shipping the Fios double play in August 2013.I was put in contact with a supervisor named Rasheed edited for privacy, who told me he would check the phone messages and emails, since they are all recorded.Contacted Verizon again, and after about 2 hrs.Check to confirm there is no personal information in the post.The card never came after a month, and when I contacted Verizon, they told me I have to wait 90 days.Show more, i have a few gift cards/store credit cards that I want to use, but I'm really not sure what to get.On the phone they told me I don't get a 300 dollar gift card.I just don't know what.Follow 7 answers.He said he would get back to me in 30 minutes.I was told if I signed for 2 years, I would get a 300 dollar gift card.Edited for privacy, only to get his answering machine.That was Friday, January 3rd.I'm willing to pay a bit more than the designated amount, but not an extreme amount over.I am now to the point where if you are not going to give me the 300 dollar gift card that was promised, at least let me out of the contract.It is now Tuesday at 9pm and I have repeatedly called.I don't want to do business with a company that treats their customers like this.