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How to apply for a second credit card.
Click here for Universal Pay with Points Program Frequently Asked Questions.If you are a frequent flyer, if the mobile phone is an important part of your age 30 birthday gifts everyday life, if you value your time or just enjoy good shopping and receiving discounts, you have an opportunity to apply for a second credit card!Click here for Universal Pay with Points Program full terms conditions.2The service is chargeable in accordance with Citibank tariffs.A second Citibank credit card offers not only an additional source of funds but also a new way of looking at the services you have been accustomed to.Citibank will advise you in writing of any change to your credit limit.During your call, you may be asked to share your screen for a faster, more efficient experience.The loan repayment period is determined by AO Citibank at the time of transaction.Citibank branch : Proof of income (in case you need to increase your existing credit limit).See hugo boss watch discount code for full contract terms.Key benefits, rewards and bonus points, choose the second credit card that suits you best!Pay for almost anything with Citi Reward Points.

1A decision to offer you an additional credit limit on your second credit card will be made solely at Citibank's discretion based on your proof of income.