Save 2 cash, after earning 2,000 points how to start, activating your Easy Pay Debit card is fast and easy.
The first 30 days of enrollment.
Buy 10 get.00 off the 11th!Save 2 cash, after earning 2,000 points, plus Exclusive Member Benefits, frequency Clubs Offers.What can I redeem with Circle K points?Simply collect these points and redeem them for free trade uber gift card merchandise when youre ready.Q: A customer lost their tag and got a replacement.Now, every single purchase you make at participating Circle K stores will earn you points that can be redeemed for great rewards such as free food, gift cards AND much more.Under settings see Rewards Account. .Enter last 8 digits at bottom of card Card Number (last 8 digits First Name: Middle Initial: Last Name: Address: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone - Primary: Email Address: Birthdate (MO/DY/year - - Gender: MF Signups: Send me emailsSend me text messages Validate: Sign.They then found their old tag and began to use it again.Gold Payment Card and Red Rewards card may not be used together.A: When a tag/card is merged, the new tag/card takes on the identity of the old tag/card, and the old tags identity is erased.As a Circle K cardholder you will also be eligible to save money on daily, weekly and monthly specials throughout our store.If the old tag/card is used again, it will behave as if it is the first time it was ever seen.

PS-I am in Florida, there are 6 Circle K stores within five miles of my house, and not one person in any of these stores can tell me how to get a physical rewards card, either.