christmas gift ideas for 4 yr old girl

I'm running out of ideas.
I will ask her what she would say if she could talk to that person right now etc.
One friend I had the coin made into a necklace.
We spent several hours in the car delivering goodies to her friends.Dorothy Vicki, I love the journal idea!That just shows that you are a cheap skate and this is a last minute thought about there gift.Has a beautiful home.Mom got flowers while Dad got wildlife.I plan to give my spa vouchers cape town 89 year old Grandmother one this Christmas.I buy my 80 year old dad gift cards for local consumer products usa free gift card restaurants.Susie, subscribe to a monthly/weekly magazine for them.Ideal for people are partially sighted.This year I will add a few more.It will help him pass the winter.I live 4000 miles away but will visit.Gift cards to favorite restaurants if the person is still mobile.As an adult, I didnt know any other way, so when my children were young, I did the same thing.
The inside unit shows all information, keeping daily records.
Donna My mom turns 80 this moth.

I bring her favorite catalogs, she picks out an outfit, and I have it mailed to her home.
Terri Gift cards for gas and supermarkets are always needed.