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We know our article earlier today on My Nintendo saw some choice words directed at Nintendo, so let us know down below how you'd prefer the system to work.
Coins only last for one year before expiring.
Enter the recent news that joke graduation gifts these coins can now be used to purchase additional games on the eShops.It wasnt perfect, but these little gifts meant something (especially during the darker days of Wii U where Nintendo was forcibly pushed into the background while Sony and Microsoft tried to outshout one another with specs and exclusives).And I really did love all the bits of tat that came through the post (some its still in my office to this day, being the Nintendo fanboy that Ive always known myself to be).With platinum coins far easier to earn through Nintendos mobile offerings - such.Club Nintendos successor - My Nintendo - is two years into its tenure as of 2018 and shows no signs of improving.Messenger Bag or a set.And Im not the only one thats cottoned on to how unfair and imbalanced the new system.When it launched in 2016, My Nintendo was self-hailed as a new evolution to suit a new and ever-changing age.Even at 5 percent, youd have to spend thousands of pounds, dollars or euros to afford a full-price game.From other media outlets to the dark depths of social media, the feeling towards this update isnt looking great.Sure, I didnt need to save for months on end to be able to afford some hanafuda cards, but they were the kind of item I couldnt get anywhere else at the time, so it felt worth the effort.So youd have to bank a lot of these and build them up over the long-term, right?Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and, super Mario Run - the new system felt more at home on your smartphone, but its never seeded properly on consoles.Sorry, that's not possible.It was dull, dire and the antithesis of Club Nintendos oddball approach to rewards.Once upon a time, Nintendo used to use one of those cutesy reward schemes that was as weird as it was inclusive.The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask.In today's article, editor Dom looks into the option to spend virtual gold coins on the eShop and how this addition to the My Nintendo program only goes to show how meagre it is - and how great things once were.In short, it's a hot mess.Gone was the opportunity to spend your hard-earned gold points.
If anything its getting worse, and its an aspect of Nintendos infrastructure thats actively working against the shift the firm is making towards a digital-focused future.

Considering the eShop has yet to receive any sort of tangible update since its launch last March, and that well have to wait until September at the earliest for the proper deployment of the Nintendo Switch Online infrastructure, its clear the Big N has.
The point of this new update is to enable Nintendo fans to accrue a stockpile of gold coins, then cash them in towards a free game or as a discount of sorts.