More than Meets the Eye Strongarm uses her famous death stare.
One that is more of a two-step, or one-and-a-half-ish, and doesn't leave her with such a massive backpack.The hair can be taken off to refill the dispenser, and swapped with any other Radz.(Legion Class, 2015 ) A redeco of Legion Class Strongarm in clear plastic, Strongarm Clear Ver.The TakaraTomy Adventure version of this toy (sold in the first wave of product) uses a deeper shade of blue, as well as having more complicated paint operations.After capturing Scatterspike in a fight that spilled out into a nearby human settlement, Strongarm successfully prevented the volcano from exploding, and Fixit raised her score by a point and a half.Team Combiners Ultra Bee (Team Combiner, 2017 ) Released as part of the Ultra Bee set, Strongarm transforms from robot color obstacle rush discount code to vehicle in just 1 step, and combines with Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Grimlock to form Ultra Bee.Pretzel Logic Team Bee retrieved a high energy pulse generator from Egypt, only to have to destroy it when it threatened to fry their brains.In the aftermath of the battle, several Autobots opted to return to Cybertron, as the current Decepticon crisis had been dealt with.Bee Cool After a methane explosion occurred during an attempt to capture Drag Strip, the team found themselves merged into one robot.Strongarm was part of the Axiom Nexus Security Administration and aided her fellow police officers in arresting celtic manor spa day voucher Megatron, Battletrap, and Stepper.Due to how the legs are molded, Strongarm cannot ride on Stomp Chomp Grimlock.After they returned to the scrapyard empty-handed, Denny and Russell had to force them to go back out into the field and capture Brakepad.Can You Dig It?Battlegrounds, Part 1 With their ranks bolstered by a revived Optimus Prime, the three Autobots were freed and joined in the fight.Discovering that the council were actually disguised Decepticons led by Cyclonus, the team merged into Ultra Bee to combat the Decepticons' own combined form while Fixit disabled the Decepticon mind control.Cadet, strongarm sees a bright future in law enforcement ahead of her.One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing After taking part in a training exercise against Sideswipe, Strongarm GroundBridged to the ocean, where the Decepticon Octopunch was planning to steal an abandoned Cybertronian ship.They soon realized they'd actually been tracking humans, but managed to maintain their cover.
Like the original One-Step, her scannable Autobot insignia is on her right shoulder in robot mode, unscannable while still in-package.
Sideswipe, a bot who breaks rules almost habitually and constantly thumbs his nose at authority.

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