buy amazon gift card with phone credit

How does it hurt m if my friend uses the store credit instead of me?
See the gift card promotion at Amazon.
Gift Cards cannot leather care supply promo code be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other account, except to the extent required by law.
This was my happy plan yesterday many thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to make this work.At eGiftCards24, you can buy the Amazon codes online, which are immediately redeemable for your Amazon account.Use our redeem page, the link, redeem automatically or redeem the code manually at the Amazon website.Obviously the correct thing to do, right?Plan Z: buy heavy dead-tree books and have them expensively shipped from America to England Come on, Amazon is that really the only thing you can do with my store credit?Mother's Day is close approaching here in the UK and Amazon has a promotion that should appeal to those who are unsure what to buy for the big clinton's christmas gift boxes day on Sunday.Plan C: use the credit to buy an m gift card for an American friend, who can reimburse me via PayPal.So as far as I can see, this brings me right back.Plan B: use the credit to buy an gift card for myself. m sells gift cards only for.An, amazon Gift Card is a prepaid gift card, with which you can increase your Amazon credit.Printing on gift paper, do you want to give an Amazon Gift Card as a present?Plan E: use the credit to buy a Kindle.Read more, shop in categories, top up online within 30 seconds. Not gonna happen: Amazon and the music publishers who sell their stuff at Amazon would prefer that their customers pirate music instead of buying it from them.Within minutes, you will have the perfect gift!FAQ's, payment methods is part.
So just move the credit across and start buying all those books, DVDs and MP3s Ive been wanting.