biggest electoral college win since reagan

How We Got Here: The '70s.
33 Nixon won 1323 of the 1324 delegates to the Republican convention, with McCloskey receiving the vote of one delegate from New Mexico.
10 On April 25, George McGovern won the Massachusetts primary.
A vote is then held within each house, and then the two groups get back together to let each other know how they each decided on the matter.As for why it was also partially a compromise for those who advocated for a congressional selection, in a time before political parties in the United States, there is evidence that the founders very much assumed the electors, who explicitly could not hold an Office.In an op-ed earlier this month in The New York Times, Suprun said the president-elect shows daily he is not qualified for office and called on fellow electors to do their job and unify around an honorable and qualified alternative.Constitution and, on the whole, the system has worked pretty well, not garnering nearly as much controversy as it would need to spur a Constitutional change.Many electors, however, are not legally bound to vote for a specified candidate.40 More significantly, the 1972 election is the last time several highly populous urban counties including Cook in Illinois, Orleans in Louisiana, Hennepin in Minnesota, Cuyahoga in Ohio, Durham in North Carolina, Queens in New York and Prince George's in Maryland have voted Republican.In order to understand the delegates thought process, context is needed.Currently 11 states have pledged to this system, for a total of 165 electoral votes. .Nixon emphasized the strong economy and his success in foreign affairs, while McGovern ran on a platform calling for an immediate end to the.In 1800, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were both vying for the presidency, with each having their preferred vice president within their own party- something of a new concept.Again, because the general public does not technically vote for a president, but rather on which Electoral win to nil bet College representatives will get to vote for president, the president isnt officially elected until the following January.History to receive an Electoral College vote.At the time, each elector would cast two votes, one for one presidential candidate and one for another.Richard Nixon, Watergate, and the Press: A Historical Retrospective.Though Muskie later stated that what had appeared to the press as tears were actually melted snowflakes, the press reported that Muskie broke down and cried, shattering the candidate's image as calm and reasoned.11 12 Alabama Governor George Wallace, an anti-integrationist, did well in the South (he won every county in the Florida primary) and among alienated and dissatisfied voters in the North.
39 This was the first election in American history in which a Republican candidate carried every single Southern state, continuing the region's transformation from a Democratic bastion into a Republican stronghold as Arkansas was carried by a Republican presidential candidate for the first time.
After the convention ended, it was discovered that Eagleton had undergone psychiatric electroshock therapy for depression and had concealed this information from McGovern.

Two days later, journalist Robert Novak"d a "Democratic senator" later revealed to be Thomas Eagleton as saying: "The people don't know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion, and legalization of pot.