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It was even more spectacular than I imagined!
BP, as the regulars refer to it, is your favorite sports bar on steroids.
Do you want to sit at a 40-foot bar or stare at one of lacespace discount code 20 TVs in an outdoor setting?
So how do you prove you were at The Masters without the ability to snap a selfie?Loved every minute of our time spent there. .For you, my readers, I sampled them all.Martin Miller, rob Brown, rob Brown.The place is covered in Masters and angc memorabilia, and outside is a huge patio and replica putting greens of the 7th, 14th and 16th holes.This badge isn't cheap.You can nulife medical coupon code order top-shelf liquor from sunup to sundown.Common courtesy dictates that you may sit in another chair (someone might even sit in yours but when you head back to your chair, you have dibs on that spot.I remember walking into the new press building last year almost being embarrassed about how nice it was.Pay tribute with a glass.They kick you out promptly 30 minutes after the last putt drops, which was about when I finished three-jacking the replica of the seventh green one last time.You are free to roam the course now, with your spot marked for subedit player win 7 download the rest of the day.
The lottery application process for 2017 begins May 10, 2016 so be sure to register.
The best place to see your favorite players up close is at the putting green near the Club House.

If youre a cigar aficionado, then you can continue the ancient golf tradition of smoking your stogie at The Masters.