The Siglo Hotel featured in the Icelandic drama Trapped shown on BBC.
Like when your editor needs someone from just such a demographic to head up to northern Iceland to find out more about a new natural health supplement called Benecta ( ), which seeks to alleviate everyday symptoms often associated with just getting older such.And an adventure it was too, with the three-hour flight to Reykjavik followed by a short internal flight to Akureyri then an hours transfer north to Siglufjordur via the most spectacular scenery.Taking 2 capsules everyday can help with everyday symptoms, often associated with just getting older such as stiffness and lethargy.Its only in recent years that the town has begun to thrive once more, this time with tourism as the lead industry, and its easy to see the attraction of Siglufjordur too, with the town enveloped in clean fresh air and surrounded by fjords.Each bottle contains 60 capsules (30 days' supply).One man who has played a key role in this regeneration is Robert Gudfinnson, the founder of Benecta, whose Genis hf premises stand proudly in town.Benecta Food Supplement, a natural food supplement, Benecta is made from crustacean derived short chain chitosan.1 1 comment, here's an iobotta refer all coee 3, snatch things that can be delivered as a gift and Ready Player One 2 7 comments, snatch Referral Code 5 10,000 Golden Parcel to be deployed as Snatch closes in on 1 Million downloads!The 6th plays slightly uphill to a green encircled by trees, while the 7th plays downhill to a green encircled by water and fronted by huge rocks.Golf Monthly Instruction benecta can be taken by most people, but is not recommended for under-18s, those who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant or those with an allergy to shellfish.I, like them no doubt, certainly wouldnt mind defying my age.Among the standout holes were the drivable par-4 3rd, and the long, snaking 4th that hugs a free-flowing river all the way to its tucked-away green.Benecta is a natural health supplement based on short-chain chitosan extracted from crustaceans.Benectas strapline is Defy your Age and anecdotal evidence suggests it has the most noticeable effect on older people who want to continue to live an active lifestyle, Golfers are included in the brands list of potential age-defying beneficiaries, and golf is another key part.However, as always with supplements, if you have any concerns about taking Benecta alongside your medication, please consult your doctor.The fact that Id never been to Iceland before merely added to the appeal, so I needed little persuading to embark on an adventure to Siglufjordur, Icelands northernmost town just 24 miles south of the Arctic Circle, to find out more.The 6th is another magnificent par 3 encircled by trees.Benecta can be bought only online from.Update that coupons expired but XML102 and XML104 are still working.50 Just been to buy another of these from the last Gearbest deal that was posted and the coupon has expi.
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It would have been remiss to come all this way and not try your hand at fishing or gazing out towards the Arctic Circle, and we managed to squeeze both.