CrashPlan also has two free options next to its online backup service: local backup and offsite (or computer-to-computer) backup.
Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, Backblaze answered a few questions about their servers and encryption process.
As the all about learning coupon code name suggests, local backup allows you to back up to your personal external hard drive.
CrashPlan has clearly made security a prime focus.There is also deleted file recovery and options to keep multiple file versions going all win win food industries sdn bhd johor the way back to when the file was first uploaded if you get into the settings and tweak it a little.Crashplan is at a slight advantage here, in that you can restore files directly from within Crashplan, which feels more natural and secure than from a web client.Backblaze doesnt have a free local backup option (though, considering both PCs and Macs have built-in options, it may not be necessary) nor does it have the offsite backup capability of CrashPlan.Its all useful, but its a little overwhelming if you just want to back up your data.Your files are then transferred to their servers, using 128-bit SSL communication encryption, which keeps unwanted eyes from spying on you.You can back up your system to a local drive, but for redundancy sake, you should also back it up to an offsite location.After its installed, it automatically starts backing up your hard drive.But universally recommending one over the other is difficult.Those settings are pretty necessary to tweak, by the way.If you were to look at it simply from a price per GB standpoint for an individual user, the plans are fairly equal.Crashplan, by comparison is still easy to use, but rooting around in the advanced settings can be incredibly overwhelming and frustrating, if you just want to exclude certain files.Read more Read, the Basics: Storage Space and Cost.
Crashplan vs Backblaze Pricing, photo Source: Google Images, whether you choose Backblaze or Crashplan, or even shoe station discount coupon another provider, it is important that you understand the price plans and exactly what you get for the amount you pay monthly, or annually.
That being said, what they do have to offer is at least superficially on par with what all the other backup providers offer as well.