Well how about if you just borrow a few of these instead?
What a wonderful, practical gift.
You can write your baby thanks you cards in many different styles and can even write them as if they are from your little one.Hopefully we can coordinate a visit after the baby is born and enjoy some quality time together.I shall certainly make good use of them.And as if that weren't enough, you all chipped in to present me with a far-too-generous gift.Love, dear Wendy, Thank you for the baby bath.Lots of love, Sarah and Thomas, dear Emma, Thank you so much for the diaper cake. .However, if you barely know your moms second-cousin and cant think of anything else to say, simply compliment her kindness, extend an invitation to meet the baby, or pile on more gratitude.Love, dear Mum and Dad, Your gift arrived today!Thanks once again and hope to see you soon.After all saying thank you to those who made your baby shower special is top of your list!Thanks also for coming to the shower.Thank you once again and look forward to seeing you next week.Love, Baby compton verney voucher code Gift Thank You: Baby Shower from Co-Workers Dear Co-workers names, I just had to tell you again what a wonderful shower you threw!The crib mattress, playpen, bassinet, and more are really going to good use here.
And the lavender baby bath you included smells so good, I may have to use that on myself.
Your kindness and friendship has made such a difference in my life.

And a foot rub is about the nicest thing you can give a large pregnant woman who's on her feet all day, so thank you thank you!