The plaque got a few coats of white spray paint, then I errr tended to the elephants.
So I made a little something for a friend who vans co uk discount code started a new job.
So when my brother and his girlfriend got their first apartment together last week (say it with me- awww!
I will alpinresorts com discount code stalk the crap out of you, and then when you least expect it, youll get something inspired by what you love recreated by yours truly.Yes, thats a miniature gold taxidermy elephant.I knew I wanted to make them something for their new place.I refuse to participate in registries, sorry!But I kinda hope he does, after what I did to him.Its the perfect desk decoration, no?But then I had a bunch of elephant a* left over, and obviously they couldnt go to waste.Her style isnt as rustic as the driftwood in the picture, so I decided to go with a plaque.Dont forget to attach hangers to the back before you put the elephants on!I love the concept of elevating those little plastic toys to something special.My plan was further cemented by the fact that I noticed she had like a string of elephants hanging on her bedroom doorknob.I also bought 4 plastic elephant toys and gold spray paint.Ill let you in on a little secret of mine, I really only give two kinds of gifts: the money kind and the handmade kind.After we got all of their things moved, I ran over to Michaels to pick up the supplies.But dont worry, they ended up pretty happy I think I attached the heads to the plaque with Strong Stick, my favorite all-purpose adhesive.
This morning I sent her a text asking to see a picture of her desk, by which I really meant elephant-you-know-what.
She complete chimney sweep and restoration will think of me every time she looks at it, and really who wouldnt want that?